About Raak Bottom Imaging

Andrew Raak of Raak Bottom ImagingGrowing up on the eastern seaboard of the United States, I developed a love and passion for the ocean at a young age. My love for the marine environment started early on in life while I spent summer weekends sailing in the Chesapeake Bay, and visiting the beaches of Delaware. I realized my life would not lead me far from the water that had given me so much pleasure.

At age 12 I began my diving career in the chilly waters of Dutch Springs in Pennsylvania. After my initial certification I was fortunate enough to travel to Roatan, Honduras where my eyes were opened to the realm outside the rock quarry. The abundance of colorful corals and various tropical fish surrounded me on my first dive. I knew that after experiencing the reef there was no turning back; I had officially hit “Raak Bottom.”

RaakBottomImagingBioAfter graduating high school I traveled south to attend Coastal Carolina University, and majored in Marine Science. In this diverse program I learned a great deal about the coastal environment including the chemistry, physics, geology, and biology that make up our oceans. In school I had the pleasure of working along side various professors in hands on jobs and internships. While attending CCU, I advanced my scuba certifications up to PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer. I was trained through a network of dive shops and instructors that had experience diving all over the world. I also received my USCG 100GT captain’s license, which has brought me many exciting endeavors. Recently, I have been teaching diving aboard luxury yachts, and dive resorts around the world. I am always looking for new clients needing an experienced professional.

I hope to continue to grow as a diver, photographer, and educator while showing the world the importance of our marine environment.