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This Week’s Creature Feature: Mosaic Moray Eel

Creature Feature: Mosaic Moray Eel

Mosaic Moray Eel

This week’s Creature Feature is one intimidating looking fish, the Mosaic Moray Eel.  These fish are most commonly found in the south eastern sea off the coast of Australia.  This eel is a tropic fish however it can be found in temperate waters of northern New Zealand.  During the larval phase of the animal’s lifecycle, the East Australian Current carries a number of species south into New Zealand waters such as the Poor Knights Islands.  Once the larva reach their final destination some species are able to settle, and mature into adults.

  • Scientific name: Enchelycore ramosa
  • Size: Up to 1.8 meter
  • Location: South Eastern Australia, and Northern New Zealand up to 100m (photo taken Poor Knights Island, New Zealand)

Photography Tip:

When photographing any cryptic species of eel, patience is key.  Allowing the critter to become accustomed to your presence will yield better photographic opportunities as the animal comes back out from the rocks.  Eels open and close their mouths to pass water over their gills, and timing this action can allow an image to show a mouth full of teeth, which can make for a striking image.  So when diving take your time, give the eel some breathing room, and wait for your opportunity to snap your shutter.

Gear Recommendation:

Ikelite DS 161 Strobe

Trouble ID’ing fish from your last dive? Pick up a copy of REEF Fish Identification Tropical Pacific

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Read about this Week’s Creature Feature: Mandarinfish

Creature Feature: Mandarinfish

This week’s Creature Feature is on the popular Indo-Pacific fish, the Mandarinfish. These fish stand out as a highlight on many diver’s wish lists, and never disappoint when discovered. My favorite time to interact and photograph these fish is right before sunset. At dusk these animals pair off and preform a quick dash/dance above the reef before mating.  One of the best photographic dives I have ever been to was in the Lembeh Straits of Indonesia, diving with Critters@Lembeh.

Photography Tip:

When photographing a small shy critter at night I find it best to have a red focus light to improve the cameras ability at obtaining a crisp sharp image. Many marine creatures are unable to see the red wavelength of light, so when used to allow you camera to focus, the creature will not be startled. The camera’s strobes will wash away the red light, so no need to worry about having a red image.

Gear Recommendation:

Kraken 3500 WSRU, Kraken 5000 WSRU, Sola 1200 Photo

Want to improve your underwater Digital Development?  Try Adobe Lightroom and enroll in my next tutorial course!

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Saba: Pound for Pound a Great Destination

Don’t Read So Good?! Click Here to Watch a Video to See What Your Missing

Come Dive Saba with Raak Bottom Imaging October 7th – 14th 2017 – Click Here to Sign Up!

Sports enthusiasts are always debating on whom the best athletes are of all time. Basketball has their great stars such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille O’Neal. Boxing enthusiasts have their favorite fighters Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Floyd Mayweather. Even more complex are baseball arguments attempting to compare greats players of today vs. the athletes prior to the “steroid era.” Often arguments are flawed when comparisons are made from athlete to athlete, simply because they played their sports in different eras, different positions, or under different rules. However, greatness can never be ignored, and champions are remembered throughout time. Diving is not much different. We have our greats, our legendary dive locations, top live a boards vessels, one of a kind wrecks, and still we debate over where the best diving is in the world. After diving many places around the globe, Saba is pound for pound the best dive island in the Caribbean.

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Giving Above and Below the Waterline


If you are an Alumni of Coastal Carolina University make sure you check out the latest CCU Alumni Magazine.  Within the magazines pages you will be able to read about the contributions Andrew has made as an Alumni of the University.  Andrew has committed to donate, on an annual basis, underwater images to line the hallways within the newly constructed Science Building.  This newly erected facility is anticipated to be completed in March 2016.  If you would like to view the gallery contact Coastal Carolina University to arrange a campus tour!

Don’t Receive the CCU Alumni Magazine?! Read a Scanned PDF of the Article here… CCU alumni magazine

South Carolina Diving

Explore the Shore


The 2015 Dive South Carolina Season is closing down for the winter for most local divers.  But, until you are able to splash back into the water let these videos hold you over!  Raak Bottom Imaging has complied some great footage in this series Explore the Shore.

Explore the Shore: Episode 1 The Bill Perry

Explore the Shore: Episode 2 The Hebe

Explore the Shore: Episode 3 Tugboat Night Dive

Explore the Shore: Episode 4 The City of Richmond

Explore the Shore: Episode 5 The Goldfinch Reef

If your interested in Diving off the Coast of South Carolina visit Express Watersports to sign up for the 2016 Season.  Don’t forget to mention the Videos!


Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show

AndrewBoatShowRaak Bottom Imaging was on out and about during the 2015 International Boat Show.  Every year Andrew is promoting Diving Conceige Services to the Super Yacht Community.  This year National Marine Suppliers, which is the largest suppliers of items and services to the yachting community, partnered with Raak Bottom Imaging in a joint promotion effort.  Under the National Marine tent, located on the main docks, clients were able to inquiry about services and products.  Being an expert in the dive industry, Andrew was able to field many questions regarding supplemental dive support within the yachting community.  After speaking with many new clients Andrew is excited to start working with some new vessels during this upcoming Caribbean Season!  If you have any questions regarding Super Yacht Dive Support feel free to ask.  Raak Bottom Imaging tackles everything including underwater photography/videography, dive planning and logistics, dive gear supplier, and much more!

Teaching for a Cause: Raak Bottom Imaging Presents at CCU Dive Club

Coastal Carolina University Scuba Diving Club presentation

Andrew has come full circle from being a student at Coastal Carolina University to being a presenter at the University’s premier dive club. Last night Andrew shared his advice on basic tips for underwarter photography and even taught an important skill on shooting with a custom white balance.

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